Sunday, December 21, 2014

UTR 14-51 (My 14 of 14 Part 1)

Under The Radar Radio 14-51
December 21-27, 2014

My 14 of 14 Part 1
*only on the non-commercial version of the show

#14 The Both - The Both

Volunteers Of America
No Sir
*Bedtime Stories

#13 Tennis - Ritual In Repeat

Never Work For Free
Viv Without The N
I'm Callin'
*Needle & A Knife

#12 Phish - Fuego

Devotion To A Dream
Sing Monica
The Line

#11 St. Vincent - St. Vincent

*Birth In Reverse

#10 Caroline Rose - I Will Not Be Afraid

Blood On Your Bootheels
Tightrope Walker
I Will Not Be Afraid
America Religious
*Let Me In

#9 Johnny Marr - Playland

Easy Money
The Trap
Boys Get Straight
This Tension
*25 Hours

#8 Beck - Morning Phase

Blue Moon
Heart Is A Drum
Blackbird Chain
*Turn Away

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