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Sonic Bliss 24-25 (June 23)

Sonic Bliss #24-25
June 23, 2024

More Sonic Bliss All-Time Favorites
(in no particular order)

    Hour 1    
Esthero - Thank Heaven 4 You
Bjork - Venus As A Boy
Zero Cult - Walking On The Moon
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Sade - Soldier Of Love
Sonorous Star - Indian Motorcycles
Dubstar - Stars
MC 900 Ft. Jesus - The City Sleeps
All India Radio - Far Away
Ivy - I Think Of You
Thievery Corporation - Samba Tranquille
UnClubbed feat Zoe Durrant - Need To Feel Loved

    2nd Hour    
De-Phazz - April Shower
Sinead O'Connor - You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart
Gary Jules - Mad World
Beauty's Confusion - Windmills
Phaeleh - Secrets
Cocteau Twins - Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires
Peter Murphy - Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
Beth Orton - Sweetest Decline
Parov Stelar - Beautiful Morning
Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears
Delerium - Daylight (feat Matthew Sweet)
Koop - Koop Islaand Blues
Eloise - Left Side

    3rd Hour    
Friends Of Dean Martinez - Fresca
Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek
Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
A Girl Called Eddy - Finest Actor
Fura - Poems Of The Past
Mody - Blue Paper
Lisa Hannigan - Little Bird
Kings Of Convenience - Rocky Trail
The Innocence Mission - When Mac Was Swimming
Bjork - Bachelorette
Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
Lisa Gerrard - Sanvean
Cigarettes After Sex - Crush

UTR 24-25 (This Is Lorelei)

Under The Radar Radio #24-25
June 23, 2024

Pick Of The Week
This Is Lorelei - Box For Buddy, Box For Star

This Is Lorelei - Perfect Hand
Vacationer - Magnetism
Beach Bunny - Vertigo
Crime School - Give Your Heart Away
Marshall Crenshaw - Blues Is King
Pond - Last Elvis

Future Teens - Double Down
Flaming Lips - Race For The Prize
Nada Surf - In Front Of Me Now
This Is Lorelei - Two Leg
Benny Sings - Pyjamas (feat. Remi Wolff)
Lewis OfMan - Flowers In The Car

Redd Kross - I'll Take Your Word For It
Well & Goode - Spray Tan
The Lemon Twigs - If You And I Are Not Wise
Fontaines D.C. - Favouorite
Bob Mould - I Don't Know You Anymore
Pixies - You're So Impatient

This Is Lorelei - A Song That Sings About You 
Blushing - Pull You In Two
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Cappuccino City
Travis - Gaslight
Soul Coughing - Soft Serve
The The - Cognitive Dissident

Goat Girl - Words Fell Out
Drugdealer - Madison
The Japanese House - :) (Smiley Face)
This Is Lorelei - My Boy Limbo
Mitski - Nobody
Tahiti 80 - Cool Down
Style Council - Long Hot Summer

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sonic Bliss 24-24 (Show # 1000 !)

Sonic Bliss #24-24
June 16, 2024

SHOW #1000

My 37 favorite Sonic Bliss tracks
(40 didn't fit in 3 hours)

#37 JEFF BUCKLEY - Everybody Here Wants You
If Jeff Buckley hadn't died so young he would have reached superstar status.  This song should have been a monster hit, but so few people in radio at the time were adding songs based on actually hearing them instead of image.  

#36 FAITHLESS - Don't Leave
A quiet, desperate plea to keep a relationship together.  Name dropping Joni Mitchell doesn't hurt. Rollo Armstrong's fingerprints are all over this list.  

#35 FEIST - One Evening
This was the first song I ever heard from Feist, that I played over and over and over the first night I heard it. 

#34 BOARDS OF CANADA - Aquarius 
In 1998/99 I listened to internet stations from around the world and X-FM in Dublin played about a 3 hour loop of songs over and over, no announcers, and this weird little song caught my ear, but with nobody to identify it, I didn't know what it was.  Stumbled across it a few years later and finally found the name    

Another song found while "music mining" for the show.  Most of Ulrich's music is instrumental, but this one has vocals and I think it's him singing.  

#32 SASHA DOBSON - Without You
She was once in a country band with Norah Jones called Puss N Boots, but this solo track blows any of that out of the water with it's simple, warm Bossa Nova rhythm.

#31 RADIOHEAD - Exit Music (For A Film)
Of course there was going to be a Radiohead track on the list.  I went with this beautiful, but dark masterpiece that builds intensity until it's very dramatic crescendo and release. 

#30 HNNY - Sunday
Not much to the lyrics and a repeating string section sampled from another song, but this may be just about the most dreamy and relaxing song on this list.  

This song actually was a hit in Detroit, where we often get Canadian crossover thanks to the Windsor radio stations.   This came out not long after "Sadeness" by Enigma, which took the world by storm.  I want Sarah to do a whole album with this feel. 

I don't know much about this artist, all I ever found was one album, but this was played on repeat on a long drive home right after stumbling across it. 

#27 AIR - Cherry Blossom Girl 
This isn't the only Air song on this list, there is another right near the top.  They are touring their Moon Safari album in 2024 (October 10 in Detroit) and even though this is on another album, I sure hope they play it. 

#26 KOOP - Waltz For Koop
This Swedish duo would cobble together pieces of other music (typically jazz) to make new songs and they have several gems, but to me this is the most memorable.    Sad that they stopped making music. 

#25 HANS ZIMMER - Time
From the Inception soundtrack, it's amazing what Zimmer does with 8 simple notes.  Would love to see him live. 

#24 EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - Hatfield 1980
For a song about living in a crime-ridden slum, it sure has a fantastic chilled-out groove.  Hatfield is much nicer these days. 

I really don't know anything about this artist, but absolutely love this song.  The band name comes from a strain of LSD that was around in the 60s.   This song is a good trip. 

#22 GOLDFRAPP - Drew
There are quite a few Goldfrapp songs in the Sonic Lunch library, but this one is stunningly, stirringly beautiful

#21 UNKLE w/THOM YORKE - Rabbit In Your Headlights 
This extremely dramatic and dark song comes from the brilliant album Psyence Fiction.  The spoken word part in the middle is actor Danny Aiello from the movie Jacob's Ladder.   More from this album later on this list. 

#20 VANESSA DAOU - Near The Black Forest
This acid jazz song comes from the terrific album Zipless.   I always wanted her to release more music but it really doesn't happen often. 

#19 ANDREA LINDSY - La Belle Etoile
While music mining for a segment of French-language pop for Under The Radar, I stumbled across this waltz-driven gem from this French- Canadian singer.  The Beautiful Star

#18 FIONA APPLE - The First Taste
This sure doesn't sound like music from an 18 year old, with it's very swanky Bossa Nova vibe.  From her incredible debut album Tidal

#17 COCTEAU TWINS - A Kissed-Out Red Floatboat
Of course they were going to make the list.  Like many Cocteau Twins songs, I have no idea what the title (or lyrics) mean, but it's easy to get lost in all the shimmering guitar effects and Elizabeth Fraser's  gorgeous voice, which we don't hear much anymore, sadly.   

Saudade is one of my favorite albums of all times and to me this is the song that stands out. When it's cold and grey here in Michigan, I listen to this and imagine driving on a sun-soaked road right along the ocean, like Pacific Coast Highway, without the rockslides. 

A slinky groove with the voice of Cat Power and a very memorable chorus, and that guitar hook sounding like a cat's meow. 

#14 DOMINGUES & IVES - The Meditation from "Thais"
The electronic interpretation of the intermezzo from Jules Massenet's 1894 opera "Thais".   This is from a 2004 album called Classics Re-Grooved, with electronic covers of 15 classical pieces.

#13 UNKLE - Bloodstain
This was another song that X-FM in Dublin kept playing (and never identifying) back in 1998, but this one was easier to find.   The singer is Alice Temple, who was also the first female UK and Europe BMX bicycle champion.

#12 PORTISHEAD - Roads
The dramatic show-stopper of a song from the album Dummy, which inspired a lot of the music on this show that followed.  This was also featured in the movie Tank Girl.   Too bad this group just stopped making music.  Geoff Barrow seems to be rather bitter about how Portishead has been received as a "chill" band. 

 #11 MOODSWNGS - Spiritual High (State Of Independence)
The same voice that gave us intense rockers by the Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde absolutely shines on this stunning early trip hop track based on a Vangelis song.  This actually was a reason she decided to sing some more jazz oriented music later in her career.  

#10 KOSTARS - Red Umbrella
Vivian Trimble and Jill Cuniff of Luscious Jackson came up with this side project while touring with their original band.   This lo-fi 70s inspired album is called Klassics With A K and is the only thing they ever released.  It's a terrific album,  which I liked better than any Luscious Jackson album, and I really liked LJ.  

#9  1 GIANT LEAP - The Way You Dream 
This song features Whirimako Black, Asha Bhosle and the instantly identifiable voice of Michael Stipe of REM.   This dream pop masterpiece made me hope Michael Stipe would do an entire dream pop album.  Maybe he will...........someday. 

#8 ESTHERO - That Girl 
There are a lot of great tracks on the album Breath From Another, but to me this is the standout.  There is some sort of spoken word bit underneath the mix.  Never could figure out what she's saying.   I have emailed Esthero about this and have yet to get an answer. 

#7 ART OF NOISE - Moments In Love
I call this an 80's backseat make-out jam, because that's what it was.  There are dozens of mixes of this song, I wish I could tell you what this version is called.  

#6 PAUL WELLER - Wild Wood
This is a slightly-remixed version of this amazing song done by  Geoff Barrow of Portishead.   If this remix didn't exist the original version would still be on this list.  

#5 MONO - Life In Mono
Mono didn't last very long.  As far as I can tell the album Formica Blues is the only thing they released, but it gave us this Baroque Chill masterpiece.  (Used in the trailer for the 1998 film adaptation of Great Expectations)

The entire space-age vibe of this song is based around the guitar sample of Isaac Hayes' version of Walk On By.   I'm not always big on sampling, but obviously, I can make exceptions.    

#3 AIR - Playground Love
The second song by Air on this list.  From the film The Virgin Suicides.    It's that sax, man

#2 MASSIVE ATTACK - Protection
When this came out I played it on our Alternative station in Lansing.  By the Autumn of 1994 the whole grunge thing was so tired and worn out.  Everyone was trying to sound like Pearl Jam and here comes this beautiful anti-grunge Trip Hop song featuring the amazing voice of Tracey Thorne of Everything But The Girl.   The consultant couldn't understand why we'd play this.  He lacked a soul.

#1 ONE ESKIMO  - Astronauts
Nobody asks why you fall in love, you just do.   Why do I love this song so much?  Couldn't tell you, I just do, it's absolutely beautiful and stirring and peaceful and everything we wanted Sonic Bliss to be.  A demo of this song was actually the reason the One Eskimo project got off the ground, so I'm not the only one that hears it.  I know the term Eskimo has become offensive to many, so from this point forward we'll credit this song to Kristian Leontiou.    

Thank you for supporting 1,000 weeks of chillin' out.   Thanks to Darren Revell for Big Sonic Heaven - our inspiration.  Thanks to Rob Walker for letting us fill a void.  Many more weeks are planned.  

UTR 24-24 (SHOW #1000 !)

Under The Radar Radio #24-24
June 16, 2024

SHOW # 1000 !

Playing tracks from Picks of the Year 
all the way back to the beginning and even more. 

2023 SLOWDIVE - Everything Is Alive --  Kisses
2022 FONTAINES D.C.  - Skinty Fia  --  I Love You
2021 GOAT GIRL - On All Fours -  Badibaba
2020 DOVES - The Universal Want - Prisoners
2019 LIAM GALLAGHER - Why Me Why Not - Now That I Found You
2018 SNAIL MAIL - Lush -  Heat Wave
2017 THE WAR ON DRUGS - A Deeper Understanding - Holding On
2016 PARQUET COURTS - Human Performance - Dust
2015 FFS - FFS - Johnny Delusional,
2014 SLOAN - Commonwealth - You've Got A Lot On Your Mind
2013 ARCTIC MONKEYS - AM - I Want It All
2012 JACK WHITE - Blunderbuss - Sixteen Saltines
2011 THE BLACK KEYS - El Camino - Stop Stop
2010 VAMPIRE WEEKEND - Contra - White Sky
2009 REGINA SPEKTOR - Far - The Calculation
2008 JENNY LEWIS - Acid Tongue - See Fernando
2007 SPOON - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
2006 AMY WINEHOUSE - Back To Black - Tears Dry On Their Own
2005 BECK - Guero - Que Onda Guero

(the following are Picks of the Year for previous shows
 called This Is Pop and I Made You A Mixtape)

2001 ASH - Free All Angels - Shining Light
1995 BEN FOLDS FIVE - Ben Folds Five - Jackson Cannery
1992 SUGAR - Copper Blue - Hoover Dam
1990 HAPPY MONDAYS - Pills N Thrills & Bellyaches - Step On
1986 XTC - Skylarking - Earn Enough For Us
1983 THE THE - Soul Mining - Uncertain Smile
1979 THE CLASH - London Calling - The Guns Of Brixton

Favorite album of all time
1985 PREFAB SPROUT - Steve McQueen - When Love Breaks Down

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sonic Bliss 24-23 (June 9)

Sonic Bliss #24-23
June 9, 2024

1st Hour
Bonobo - Cirrus
Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning (feat Emiliana Torrini)
Leisure - Back In Love
Mandalay - Beautiful
The Essence - Incognito
The xx - Unfold
Boards Of Canada - Cold Earth
Alpha - Nyquil
Sofa Surfers - See The Sun
Still Corners - Crystal Blue
Moby - The Lonely Night  (feat. Mark Lanegan)
Jah Wobble - Silk Road Dub
Zero 7 - The Space Between

2nd Hour
Tosca - Heatwave
Lelo - Fluide
Beth Gibbons - Oceans
Pond - Toast
Royksopp - In Space
Sounds From The Ground - Lean On Me
Toro Y Moi - High Living
Garbage - Milk
Borrtex - Waiting For You
Hundred Waters - Cavity
Haux - Waves
Tricky - Somebody's Sins
St. Germain - Mary L.
311 Porter - Surround Me With Your Love

3rd Hour
Beck - The Golden Age
Tycho - Dye
Mocean Worker - Que Bom
Ride - Stay Free
Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite
Bebel Gilberto - Samba E Amor
Air - Mike Mills
Josh Rouse - Duerme
Bat For Lashes - At  Your Feet
Everything But The Girl - Mirrorball
Depeche Mode - Clean
Skylab - Seashell
Dive Indext - Window To Window

UTR 24-23 (eels)

Under The Radar Radio #24-23
June 9, 2024

Pick Of The Week
eels - EELS TIME !

eels - Sweet Smile
Iron & Wine - Sweet Talk
The Lemon Twigs - Church Bells
Beachwood Sparks - Torn In Two
FEET - Why Would I Lie?
Travis - Bus

Matt Pond PA - Side Eye Rolls
Royel Otis - Foam
Islands - Drown A Fish
eels - If I'm Gonna Go Anywhere
Everyone Says Hi - Somebody Somewhere
Waxahtchee - Crowbar

Gustaf - What Does It Mean
Radio Free Alice - 2010
The GOA Express - Everybody In The UK
Nada Surf - In Front Of Me Now
Pixies - You're So Impatient
The Co-Founder - Shoes For Runners
The The - Cognitive Dissident

eels - I Can't Believe It's You
Goat Girl - Words Fell Out
Why Bonnie - Dotted Line
Suki Waterhouse - My Fun
Bill Ryder-Jones - If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Phish - Oblivion

Ducks Ltd. - Heavy Bag
Richard Hawley  - Prism In Jeans
Soccer Mommy - Lost
Bat For Lashes - Home
eels - Time
Pernice Brothers - December In Her Eyes

Monday, June 3, 2024

Sonic Bliss 24-22 (June 2)

Sonic Bliss #24-22
June 2, 2024

1st Hour
Greenhornes - There Is An End
Little Dragon - High
Faultline - Your Love Means Everything Pt. 2
Ghostly Kisses - There's No More Space
DJ Shah - Mellomaniac
Kaskade - Please Say You Will
Karen O & Danger Mouse - Lux Prima
Lamb - Gabriel
Cigarettes After Sex - Tejano Blue
Air - Alone In Kyoto
Slowdive - Andalucia Plays
Kate Bush - Joanni
Lord Huron - When The Night Is Over

2nd Hour
Bjork - Joga
Yes, Plis - Segway On The Moon
Sam Evian - Life Go Low
Billie Holiday - Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix)
Lazy - It's Over
Depeche Mode - Jezebel
Area Code 51 - Chancamayo
Cocteau Twins - My Truth
Craig Armstrong - Let's Go Out Tonight
Arooj Aftab - Raat Ki Rani
Leonard Cohen - Lullaby
Alpha - Blue Autumn 
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

3rd Hour
The xx - Angels
Nightmares On Wax - So Here We Are
Prince - June
Nouvelle Vague - This Charming Man
Deerhunter - Helicopter
Tricky - Makes Me Wanna Die
Red House Painters - Song For A Blue Guitar
Rhye - A Whiteer Shade Of Pale
Luciano Michelini - The Hidden Face Of The Moon
James Vincent McMorrow - Never Gone
Ivy - Undertow
Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely
Emiliana Torrini - Beggar's Prayer 
Space Ghost - 4am

Sunday, June 2, 2024

UTR 24-22 (Shoegaze Spectacular)

Under The Radar Radio #24-22
June 2, 2024

Picks Of The Week
Blushing - Sugarcoat
DIIV - Frog In Boiling Water
Wisp - Pandora EP


Blushing - Pull You IN Two 
Pale Saints - Angel (Will You Be My)
Sun Mahshene - New Shores
DIIV - Brown Paper Bag
Slowdive - Everyone Knows
Wisp - See You Soon
Ride - Leave Them All Behind
Milly - Drip From The Fountain
Blushing - Seafoam
The House Of Love - Shine On
Lozenge - Radio Song
Cruush - As She Grows
Lush - For Love
DIIV - Frog In Boiling Water

Seablite - Melancholy Molly
Swervedriver - The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air
Wisp - Enough For You
Full Body 2 - Wonder Limit
Kitchens Of Distinction - Now It's Time To Say Goodbye
Blushing - Charms
Soft Science - Sadness
Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck
Whitelands - How It Feels
Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic
DIIV - Soul-net
Francis Of Delirium - Cliffs
Chapterhouse - Mesmerize
Wisp - Your Face