Monday, September 30, 2013

UTR 9-29-13 (Placebo)

Pick Of The Week
Placebo - Loud Like Love
Ann Arbor version on 9-29-13
New Zealand version on 10-4-13 and 10-6-13

Ann Arbor's 107one version

Hour 1
Placebo - Loud Like Love
     This is the 3rd time Placebo has had a Pick Of The Week
Broken Social Scene - 7/4 Shoreline
     Band is on hiatus but still does events to celebrate Arts & Crafts Records
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
     Double album of the same name is out on October 29
Charlatans - You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty
     Mourning the death of drummer Jon Brookes (brain tumor)
Moby - The Perfect Life
     Moby's new album Innocents comes out Tuesday and is next week's Pick Of The Week on UTRR
Placebo - Purify
     Only two upcoming U.S. gigs (Los Angeles, New York)
Jane's Addiction - Curiosity Kills
     October 24 at the San Miguel Bingo & Casino.  Are we old or what?
Pixies - Indie Cindy
     From the surprise release EP-1  Next one could drop at any time
Arctic Monkeys - I Want It All
     From the new album AM
Ash - Envy
     The band has said no more albums, only singles and EPs from now on
Most Serene Republic - (Oh) God
      Band out of Milton, Ontario (Toronto suburbs)
Placebo - A Million Little Pieces
      Reminded me of the book of the same name by James Frey.  Very good book, even if parts aren't true

Hour 2
Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of The Seasons
     From new EP Changing Of The Seasons.  Next album will probably be in 2015
Alpinestars - Carbon Kid
     vocals by Brian Molko of Placebo
Metric - Breathing Underwater
     Playing at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Nov 21 with Paramore
Sebadoh - Oxygen
     From the new release Defend Yourself
Placebo - Rob The Bank
     Catchiest song ever about bank robbery?
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Roll Up Your Sleeves
     Band from Scotland - from the album These Four Walls (2009)
Nada Surf - Hi Speed Soul
     Singer Matthew Caws has gotten together with Juliana Hatfield to form Minor Alps
Of Montreal - Fugitive Air
     Athens, Georgia band about to release lousy with syvianbriar (Oct 8)
Luscious Jackson - Show Us What You Got
     from the upcoming album Magic Hour (Nov 5)
Tahiti 80 - Antonelli
     Band from Rouen, France from a compilation called Extra Pieces
Elvis Costello & The Roots - (She Might Be A) Grenade
     Elvis Costello on the hip hop album chart?  yes, at #16 this week
Placebo - Exit Wounds

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sonic Bliss (Week of Sept 23 - 29)

And, New Zealand       9-26-13 & 9-28-13
Ann Arbor's 107one, Michigan  9-29-13
106.1 The Corner, Virginia        9-29-13

Hour 1
Rise - Doves
I've Been Thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School (with Cat Power)
Master Plan - Nightmares On Wax
Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
Summer Overture - Clint Mansell
Homme - Brazilian Girls
Anywhere With You - Hillton FM
Cosmopole - Cantoma
Gorecki - Lamb
The Lonley Night - Moby (with Mark Lanegan)
In Your Back - Keren Ann
Perfect Day - Lou Reed

Hour 2
Hey Now - London Grammar
*Glory Box - Portishead
*Just A Dream - Delerium
*Song For The Dispossessed - Dead Can Dance
*X-Tal - Aphex Twin
*Let Go - Frou Frou
So Here We Are - Nightmares On Wax
Black Mermaid - Esthero
Songnumber 3 - Mocean Worker
Killed By The Morning Sun - Ed Harcourt
Sunnyroad - Emiliana Torrini
Chinese Interlude - Tricky
Man Enough - Lloyd Cole
(x)Halcyon - Jon Hopkins

Hour 3
Carolyn's Fingers - Cocteau Twins
That's Not Her Way - Eels
Simone - Goldfrapp
What If - Tosca
Beautiful Otherness - Bent
Dayvan Cowboy - Boards Of Canada
Life In Mono - Mono
Mad World - Gary Jules
There 4u - Nightmares On Wax
Travel In Time - Carmen Rizzo with Kate Havnevik
Between The Bars - Elliott Smith
A Zed And Two Ls - Fila Brazillia
Safe, Sound - Trespassers William
(y) Silent Spring - Massive Attack

*Bliss List from Brooke in Plymouth, Michigan, USA
(x) only on the Ann Arbor show
(y) only on the show

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sonic Bliss 9-22-13

Hour 1
Autumn Interlude - Amethystium
Blue Autumn - Alpha
Autumn Leaves - Eric Clapton
Autumn Sun - Emiliana Torrini
Nylon Smile - Portishead
Inside Your Dream - Melorman
You Made Me The Thief Of  Your Heart - Sinead O'Connor
Out Of View - If By Yes
Turquoise Hexagon Sun - Boards Of Canada
Raincoat - Bibio
Why Won't You Stay - American Music Club
Til It Happens To You - Corinne Bailey Rae
Que Bom - Mocean Worker 

Hour 2
Rabbit In Your Headlights - UNKLE w/Thom Yorke
Sugar Hiccup - Cocteau Twins
On Your Way - Album Leaf
Elisabet - Emiliana Torrini
*Find My Way - Nine Inch Nails
*Make A Wish - Conjure One
*Blood Theme From Dexter - Daniel Licht
*Porcelain - Moby
*Isobel - Bjork
Free Run - Xeno Sound System
Water In Our Hands - Dive Index
Love That Boy - Innocence Mission
Now I Must Remember - Bent

Hour 3
Once Upon A Time - Air
Destiny - Zero 7
The Glass Bead Game - Thievery Corporation
Tookah - Emiliana Torrini
Sitting In The Sun - Astral Pattern
Dream - West Indian Girl
Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard
Face A La Mer - Blank & Jones
Have You Forgotten - Red House Painters
Make It Go Away - Holly Cole
Motherboard - Daft Punk
Look At Where We Are - Hot Chip
Satellite - BT

*Bliss List for Rebecca of Ann Arbor

UTR 9-22-13 (Arctic Monkeys)

Pick Of The Week
Arctic Monkeys - AM


Hour 1
Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It
     Alex Turner admits stealing AM as a title from Velvet Underground's VU album
Doves - Black And White Town
     The band is on a planned hiatus and is not having any dust ups
Kasabian - Where Did All The Love Go
     Yes, the band is named after Manson family member Linda Kasabian, only because they liked the word, not her actions
Johnny Marr - The It Switch
     Johnny is touring the UK in October and the U.S. in November
James - Born Of Frustration
     This song was used in a Westin Hotel commercial to pay a debt to their record label
Placebo - Loud Like Love
     Love the way they map out their tour on this page
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine
     AM was recorded at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California
World Party - Way Down Now
     Karl Wallinger has mostly recovered from a brain aneurysm that could have killed him.
Peace - Bloodshake
     From the album In Love.  They sound a lot like Two Door Cinema Club
Ocean Colour Scene - We Don't Look In The Mirror
     They've been together since 1989 and have never broken up
Beautiful South - Old Red Eyes Is Back
     From the album 0898.  0898 is the British equivalent to 1-800 numbers
Catherine Wheel - Delicious
     From the album Adam & Eve, which is kind of hard to find in the U.S.
Arctic Monkeys - Fireside
     Their U.S. tour starts in Chicago on Sept 23

Hour 2 
Suede - It Starts And Ends With You
     Bloodsports is their first album in 11 years
Dodgy - In A Room
     From Free Peace Sweet in 1996, released an album last year
Beady Eye - A Second Bite At The Apple
     This is Liam Gallagher's post-Oasis band.  From the BE album
Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart
     It's been 4 years since Steven's last album Years Of Refusal
Editors - Formaldehyde 
     Their fourth album, The Weight Of Your Love just came out in June
Arctic Monkeys - I Want It All gave the AM album a rare 10/10 score, they're right, too!
Electric Soft Parade - Appropriate Ending
     ESP released an album called IDIOTS in June.  I am an idiot for not knowing that
Madness - House Of Fun
     Woke up with this stuck in my head last week.  Had to play it
Vaccines - Melody Calling
     Catchy tune from band opening for Phoenix in Ypsilanti next week
Prefab Sprout - The Best Jewel Thief In The World
     Their first album of new music in 17 years Crimson/Red is coming out Oct 7
Kaiser Chiefs - Love Is Not A Competition
     Leeds band has released four albums so far
Noah & The Whale - Lifetime
     Heart of Nowhere was released back in May this year
Verve - Sonnet
     Probably never getting back together.  But never say never.....
Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
     AM rocks a bit, inspired by Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age


Hour 1
Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It
Doves - Black And White Town
Kasabian - Where Did All The Love Go
Johnny Marr - The It Switch
James - Born Of Frustration
Placebo - Loud Like Love
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine
Peace - Bloodshake
World Party - Way Down Now
Ocean Colour Scene - We Don't Look In The Mirror
Beautiful South - Old Red Eyes Is Back
Arctic Monkeys - Fireside
Catherine Wheel - Delicious
I Am Arrows - Green Grass
Suede - It Starts And Ends With You

Hour  2
BeadyEye - Second Bite Of The Apple
Morrissey - Irish Blood English Heart
Editors - Formaldehyde
Arctic Monkeys - I Want It All
Electric Soft Parade - Appropriate Ending
Madness - House Of Fun
Blur - London Loves
Vaccines - Melody Calling
Prefab Sprout - The Best Jewel Thief In The World
Kaiser Chiefs - Love Is Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)
Hard-Fi - Tonight
Noah & The Whale - Lifetime
Verve - Sonnet
Elbow - Forget Myself
Arctic Monkeys - Arabella

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sonic Bliss 9-15-13

Tonight we'll feature several tracks
from the new Goldfrapp album Tales 
Of Us

Hour 1
I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty - Neverending White Lights
Finding Beauty - Craig Armstrong
Drew - Goldfrapp
A Case For Shame - Moby
Dangerous - Depeche Mode
Dream Lover - Saint Etienne
Orbit of Me - Delerium with Leigh Nash
A Walk In The Park - Beach House
Waltz For Koop - Koop
Jo - Goldfrapp
Caravanserai - Loreena McKennitt
Compassion - Bombay Dub Orchestra
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Hour 2
Dissolved Girl - Massive Attack
Sure Thing - St. Germain
Wait Till You See Him - Ella Fitzgerald
Dye The Winter Green - Bibio
*She's In Parties - Bauhaus
*Bluebeard - Cocteau Twins
*The Carnival is Over - Dead Can Dance
*State Of Independence - Moodswings
*Crank - Rob Dickinson
Stranger - Goldfrapp
Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
Sweet Lullaby - Deep Forest
Misread - Kings Of Convenience

Hour 3
Just A Girl, She Said - Dubstar
A Gentle Dissolve - Thievery Corporation
Ulla - Goldfrapp
Cavallo - Tosca
Inhaler - Hooverphonic
Lean On Me - Sounds From The Ground
Mike Mills - Air
Everything In It's Right Place - Radiohead
Annabell - Goldfrapp
Wild Wood - Paul Weller
Wait - Sarah McLachlan
High - Blue Nile
The North Sky - All India Radio

*Bliss List of Erin from Dearborn

Sunday, September 15, 2013

UTR 9-15-13 (Elvis Costello And The Roots)

Pick Of The Week
Elvis Costello And The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

Hour 1
Elvis Costello And The Roots - Walk Us Uptown
     Elvis has collaborated with many different types of artists including a String Quartet
The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward
     Original Pirate Material (2002).  The group disbanded in 2011
Monkey Mark - Hand In Your Head
     The Beastie Boys keyboard player was once their L.A. handyman
Luscious Jackson - Show Us What You Got
     Their first album in 14 years, Magic Hour, is coming out in November
Roots - The Seed 2.0
     That is Cody Chestnutt on vocals
Vaccines - Melody Calling
     They will open for Phoenix on Sept 29 at EMU Convocation Center
Elvis Costello And The Roots - Stick Out Your Tongue
     They worked on this album in bits and pieces for over a year
Gary Clark Jr. - Blak And Blu
     The Blak And Blu album was one of My 12 of 12
Neko Case - City Swans
     Her latest album debuted at #12 on the Billboard 200
Blitzen Trapper - Shine On
     Their album VII is coming out on October 1
Morcheeba - Let Me See
     This is a group you'd usually hear on Sonic Bliss
Citizen Cope - A Father's Son
     From the Rainwater LP,  Rainwater is the name of his record label too
Elvis Costello And The Roots - Come The Meantimes
     The cover of Wise Up Ghost mimics the cover of  Howl & Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg

Hour 2
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
     This is the full length version of the new single, 3 minutes longer than the radio version
Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of it
     The new album AM will be our Pick Of The Week next week on an all-Brit Pop show
Black Joe Lewis - Come To My Party
     "The answers to life is on the dance floor"
Elvis Costello And The Roots - (She Might Be A Grenade)
     Is this the same girl from 'Watching The Detectives'?
David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who
     The chose a brass band for this album because it required much less artificial amplification
Pixies - Indie Cindy
     They have made this available on other sources than their website
Monsters Of Folk - Say Please
     with Connor Oberst of Bright Eyes, M Ward of She & Him and Jim James of My Morning Jacket
Brendan Benson - Diamond
     The new album You Were Right comes out on Black Friday (Nov 29)
Washed Out - All I Know
     Washed Out's "Feel It All Around" is the theme song to TV's "Portlandia"
Prince - Love (Acoustic)
     Prince has Dave Chappelle dressed as him on the cover of his new single
Wesley Stace - A Cantebury Kiss
     Wesley Stace is the real name of singer John Wesley Harding
Elvis Costello And The Roots - Tripwire
     Elvis Costello absolutely loves Ann Arbor because he is treated so well by the audience when he plays there

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sonic Bliss 9-8-13

Hour 1
Mercy Street - Peter Gabriel
Renaissance Affair - Hooverphonic
Fields Of Green - Careless
Speed Of Dark - Emiliana Torrini
How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
Wish You Were Here - Bliss
This Love - Craig Armstrong
Fussball - The Orb
Love Is Stronger Than Death - The The
Lovely Head - Goldfrapp
Mission Delores - Robin Guthrie
Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) - Chris Isaak
This Street, That Man, This Life - Cowboy Junkies

Hour 2
Gatekeeper - Feist
Airplane Shadows - Kiln
I Wanna Be Adored - Stone Roses
California - Mazzy Star
*K.I.S.S.E.S. - Bent
*All In Forms - Bonobo
*Elitsa - Tosca
*Cherry Blossom Girl - Air
*Ante Tus Ojos - Federico Aubele
Goat - French For Rabbits
Someone Like Me - Royksopp
Bachelorette - Bjork
No Easy Way Down - Mark Eitzel

Hour 3
Roads - Portishead
Higher Ground - Weekend Players
The Lonely Night - Moby (with Mark Lanegan)
So Many Times, So Many Ways - Mount Kimbie
Havana Moon - DePhazz
The Greatest - Cat Power
Makes Me Wanna Die - Tricky
Trainspotting - Primal Scream
Find My Way - Nine Nich Nails
Waiting For You To Come - Spain
Close - Telepopmuzik
Jello - Lux

*Molly Joy from Howell's Bliss List

UTR 9-8-13 (Pixies & Kim Deal)

Pick Of The Week
Pixies - EP-1

Hour 1
Pixies - What Goes Boom
     EP-1 became available on Sept 2 without any advance promotion
Weezer - Velouria
     Pixies cover from the Where Is My Mind tribute in 1999
Sonic Youth - 100%
     The band is on "long term hold" while personal differences get worked out
Kim Deal - Hot Shot
     The Pixies announced Kim's departure on June 14, 2013
Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends
     This song may be about Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe
Superchunk - Trees Of Barcelona
     The North Carolina indie band's second album since a 10 year hiatus
Pixies - Indie Cindy
     Kim Deal has been replaced by Kim Shattuck (of The Muffs) - at least for the current tour
Imperial Teen - Yoo Hoo
     This Pixies-sounding track was featured in the movie Jawbreaker
Of Montreal - Fugitive Air
     lousy with sylvianbriar is the upcoming album on October 8, all in lowercase letters
Cage the Elephant - Come A Little Closer
     Melomania is coming out October 8.  Melomania means fear or hatred of music
Television - Marquee Moon
     Clocking in at 10:40, this brilliant song is the longest ever played on Under The Radar Radio
Kim Deal - Walking With A Killer
     One of 3 2-sided singles Kim has released this summer.  You can order the 45s on her website

Hour 2
Moby - The Perfect Life
     Featuring Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne on vocal.  Album Innocents coming October 1
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
     On 9/9 at 9pm (Eastern Time) the band debuts their new single/video Reflektor on their website
Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
     New album AM is coming out on Tuesday and is Pick Of The Week in 2 weeks
Teenage Fanclub - Here Comes Your Man
     This Pixies cover is a rare find - on the B side of the "I Need Direction" single
Pixies - Another Toe
     Pixies were formed by Black Francis and Joey Santiago at UMass Amherst
Placebo - Loud Like Love
     A trailer for their new album Loud Like Love can be seen here
Interpol - Obstacle
     They are currently working on their 5th album, targeted for a Spring 2014 release
Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
     Out of LA's Silver Lake area (the Mecca of West Coast Indie Rock? Portland might argue)
Neko Case - Bracing For Sunday
     Neko's lastest album has a chance to debut at #1 on the Top 200 album chart next week
Pixies - Andro Queen
     There is more music coming in 2013/14, as many as 20 new tracks in the next 18 months
O.K. Go - Gigantic
     One of the few songs Kim sang lead on (Pixies version) and it was their biggest "hit"
Yoav - Where Is My Mind
     Yoav is an Israeli-Romanian who grew up in South Africa and recently lived in New York
Kim Deal - Are You Mine?
     This 50s-sounding ballad is the most popular of Kim's new solo series

Monday, September 2, 2013

UTR 9-1-13 (Neko Case)

Pick Of The Week
Neko Case - The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You

Hour 1
Neko Case - Man
     Neko's backing band used to be called "Her Boyfriends"
Camera Obscura - Do It Again
     Neko Case on backing vocals
Kathleen Edwards - Sidecar
     Kathleen broke up with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) earlier this year
Okkerville River - Stay Young
     new album Silver Gymnasium is coming out Tuesday (Sept 3)
Little Green Cars - Harper Lee
     at Detroit's Magic Stick on October 19th
Pernice Brothers - How To Live Alone
     from Yours, Mine & Ours (2003)
Neko Case - Bracing For Sunday
     Though born in Alexandria, Virginia, Neko considers Tacoma, Washington her hometown
Neil Finn - She Will Have Her Way
     Neil sings Song Of The Lonely Mountain over the closing credits of The Hobbit
Laura Veirs - America
     Her new album/CD comes with origami paper to do this
Laura Marling - Master Hunter
     Is she a potential 2014 Ann Arbor Folk Festival headliner?
Grant Lee Buffalo - Truly, Truly
     From their final album Jubilee in 1998
Tift Merritt - Mixtapes
     Making a great mixtape is a lost artform in the digital age
Neko Case - Local Girl
     Neko attended school in Vancouver where she was a drummer in several bands

Hour 2
Blitzen Trapper - Shine On
     Their 7th album is called VII.  Clever, eh?  (Oct 1)
Flight Of The Conchords - Business Time
     The greatest acoustic folk-rap duo in New Zealand history!
Vaccines - Melody Calling
     Opening for Phoenix at EMU Convocation Center on Sept 29
Drums - How It Ended
     Brooklyn band sounds like an 80's Brit Band
Polyphonic Spree - Carefully Try
     The band is currently at 20 members
Neko Case - City Swans
     Neko was once a member of Canadian band The New Pornographers
Mount Moriah - Lament
     band from the Raleigh, North Carolina area
Diego Garcia - Sunnier Days
     former member of Elefant with a new solo album, Paradise, on October 8
Mikal Cronin - I'm Done Running For You
     If you like Matthew Sweet, check out his new album MCII
Jenny & Johnny - Big Wave
     What's next for Jenny Lewis?  No idea......but it won't be with Rilo Kiley
Eleanor Friedberger - My Own World
     Personal Record is the second solo album for Ellie
The Head & The Heart - Shake
     Let's Be Still is their second album and is coming October 15
Whiskeytown - Turn Around
     Ryan Adams broke up Whiskeytown soon after the album Strangers Almanac
Nickel Creek - Can't Complain
     What was supposed to be a long hiatus may end up being permanent
Neko Case - Calling Cards
     "Calling Cards?  Pay Phones?  Mommy, what is this lady singing about?"    

Sonic Bliss 9-1-13

Hour 1
Don't Leave - Faithless
Hold Your Hand - Paul Oakenfold
Somebody's Sins - Tricky
The Great Escape - Washed Out
Silence - Delerium & Sarah McLachlan
Sunworshipper - Mylo
Wait For Me - Moby
Form By Firelight - Jon Hopkins
The Way You Dream - 1 Giant Leap
Love Is A Losing Game - Amy Winehouse
Inscribed In Jade - Moshang
Malmo - Album Leaf
Delicate - Damien Rice

Hour 2
Anna - Taken By Trees
We Let The Stars Go - Prefab Sprout
Weather Storm - Massive Attack 
Drew - Goldfrapp
*Bossa 31 - Rosalia De Souza
*Samba Tranquille - Thievery Corporation
*Sensual Bossa - Caibedo Island
*Samba Da Bencao - Bebel Gilberto
*Sambatriste - Serendipity
Woodcabin - Saint Etienne
Raincoat - Bibio
Little Monsters - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Angeles - Elliott Smith

Hour 3
A Kissed Out Red Floatboat - Cocteau Twins
Amnesia - Dead Can Dance
Nothing Is Real - Boards Of Canada
Smother - Daughter
Flightless Bird, American Mouth (2011) - Iron & Wine
Look On Down From The Bridge - Mazzy Star
Leaving Hope - Nine Inch Nails
A Question Of Lust - Depeche Mode
Love And Halogen - Flunk
Sweet Memory - Tindersticks
Caribbean Blue - Enya
Tears In Rain - Kate Havnevik
No Need To Ask - Taucher

*Carrie from Ann Arbor's Summer Samba Bliss List