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Motor City Sonics started in 1998 producing a weekly one hour online indie pop show called This Is Pop.    Under The Radar Radio and Sonic Bliss made their debuts on WQKL in Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 24, 2005.     

Under the Radar Radio is designed not necessarily to be obscure as much as to play songs (new and old) that sound great on the radio, but don't get enough mainstream exposure.  A lot of times that means upcoming bands, established indie artists, and sometimes that means playing artists that have had success, but aren't getting mainstream airplay for most of their music (David Bowie's recent music before his death is a great example).

Sonic Bliss is designed to help you unwind with a mix of Trip Hop, Dream Pop, Acoustic, Ambient and World, it's not a love song show, but if you want to make out to it- that's fine.  But it's basically to just chill you out, and if you fall asleep before the end of it, feelings will not be hurt, it will be considered a job well done.   

Both programs have expanded to radio stations in Virgina, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Zealand, and hopefully more places.   Check the Broadcast Schedule page for the the whens and the wheres.    

The shows are produced and pre-recorded in a home studio in Detroit, Michigan and Benidorm, Spain

Never be shy about suggesting or requesting artists or songs or even asking to stop playing something if you hate it that much.   

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  1. Both of these shows continue to be among the best on local radio and even approach Radio Paradise in their eclectic stylings. Nice work. I always learn something and never fail to download at least a few songs per week.