Sunday, July 16, 2023

UTR 23-29 (Bully)

Under The Radar Radio #23-29
July 16, 2023

Pick Of The Week
Bully - Lucky For You

Bully - Days Move Slow
Speedy Ortiz - You S02
Sad Park - Always Around
Ash - Race The Night
Momma - Bang Bang

Breeders - Go Man Go
Blondsell - Salad
Alex Lahey - The Wouldn't Let Me In
Corinne Bailey Rae - New York Transit Queen
Bully - Change Your Mind
Mediocre - Pop Song Baby
Albert Hammond Jr - Old Man

The Beths - Watching The Credits
Tegan and Sara - Girls Talk
Lucinda Williams - Lets Get The Band Back Together
Grace Potter - Good Time
Margaret Glaspy - Act Natural
Bully - Hard To Love

Little Dragon - Slugs Of Love
Ghost Of Vroom - Pay The Man
Fishbone - All We Have Is Now
Hippo Campus - Yippie Ka Yay
Grian Chatten - Fairlies
Slowdive - Kisses

Wednesday - Chosen To Deserve
Cherry Glazerr - Soft Like A Flower
Bully - Ms. America
Ratboys - It's Alive
girlhouse - You Don't Think About Me
Daisy The Great - Looking U Up

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