Sunday, July 10, 2022

UTR 22-28 (Momma)

Under The Radar Radio #22-28
July 10, 2022

Pick Of The Week
Momma - Household Name

Hour 1
Momma - Speeding 72
Liz Phair - Supernova
Beach Bunny - Entropy
The Beths - Silence Is Golden
Alvvays - Pharmacist
Suede - She Still Leads Me On
Diet Cig - Maid Of The Mist
Delta Spirit - Pick It Up
Momma - Motorbike
Pom Pom Squad - Crimson & Clover
Soccer Mommy - Bones
Romeo Void - Never Say Never
Dry Cleaning - Don't Press Me
Bachelor - Stay In The Car
Alex The Astronaut - Haircut

Hour 2
Editors - Karma Climb
Juliana Hatfield - Universal HeartBeat
Art d'Ecco - I Was A Teenager
SASAMI w/J Mascis - Tried To Understand
Best Coast - This Lonely Morning
Momma - Callin' Me
Inhaler - These Are The Days
Tancred - Queen Of  New York
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Blue Eye Lake
Colleen Green - Highway
beabadoobee - See You Soon
The Afghan Whigs - The Getaway
Palberta - Corner Store
Momma - No Stage
Iggy Pop - A Machine For Loving (for Diego 2005-2022)
Har Mar Superstar - How Did I Get Through The Day

7/6/22 - Diego was a Rescue dog. He rescued me on 9/11/07 and every day since. The last 3 days were absolutely brutal, and today was torture waiting for 5:30 to come. The vet was right on time. I wouldn't trade a thing, I got over 5,400 great days and only a handful of bad ones (he had a 3 day ban from the inside the house due to catching a skunk in 2008). He loved everyone. He hated fireworks (not scared, but angry). He hated the lawn mower (but only when I cut the grass, when (my tenant) Paulie would cut it he didn't care).

Most of the people in my neighborhood knew his name, but not mine. He was an amazing ballplayer. He could catch tennis balls better than any dog I ever knew. In his younger days he could almost fly. Watching him jump over the back porch partition to go catch a ball was breathtaking. He loved playing goalie (foam balls, not shot hard). When we went for walks he did that border collie stalking thing where he got very low to the ground and walked very slowly towards his target (the dreaded evil being know as SQUIRREL). I loved watching him do that, that focus and concentration and intensity.  He never caught one, thank goodness. 

The night I took him home - at some point he jumped into the bed with me. When I woke up and let one go (you know what I mean) - a loud one - it startled him so much he fell out of the bed (mattress & box springs on the floor, no harm). That was the first time he made me laugh. 

When I was at work during the day, he'd jump up in the bay window and lay there and watch the world, it was his version of TV.  That's how the neighborhood got to know him.  He was good friends with the mailman.  His favorite words were SURPRISE LUNCH and WALK. and his least favorite words were SQUIRREL, RABBIT and HAIRCUT. I haven't traveled much in recent years so we rarely spent a night apart and he usually slept on the floor. In the morning when I would ask What Time Is It? it was his cue to lick my face until I got up.

I have never had a dog who was so good about not doing his business in the house, even on his last day, when he could hardly walk, he held it for nearly two days and walked down his hill and did his business. He was so good about it that even when he passed he did not release any fluids (most dogs do).

He loved fruit too, especially watermelon and cantaloupe. We had our own handshake sequence....."Give me five.......Other side.........Now up high." He loved to learn. He was my best friend, and not in the general sense of Man's Best Friend............He was literally my best friend. In his honor I will give another dog a great life in this house, which is not a home without a dog.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thank you, Mark. I can totally relate to your love for Diego. I loved the Iggy Pop song and had never heard it before. You're the best.

  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for the heartfelt post. I've listened to you for so long, I feel like I know you. I'm sorry for your loss. You really celebrated him in a wonderful way!