Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sonic Bliss #19-25 (Summer is Here)

Sonic Bliss #19-25
June 23, 2019

Hour 1                                  
Feels Like Summer - Childish Gambino
The First Taste - Fiona Apple
Summer - 9 Lazy 9
Doin't Time - Lana Del Ray
Summer Sun - Koop
Dream - West Indian Girl
That Girl - Esthero
Rabbit In Your Headlights - UNKLE f/Thom Yorke
Sunny Road - Emiliana Torrini
Connection - Telepopmusik
Pleasure Is All Mine - Bjork
Under The Sun - Orleya
Summer Breeze - Corporal Identity
Most Days - Mojave 3

Hour 2                                

Drew - Goldfrapp
Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang
Kids In the Dark - Bat For Lashes
Live With Me - Massive Attack
Bossa Per Due - Nicola Conte
Long Hot Summer - Style Council
Wait Till You See Him - Ella Fitzgerald
One Fine Summer Morning - Britta Phillips
My Mistake - Vampire Weekend
Dubilicious Groove - Crystal Method
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem - Peter Murphy
It's Enough Now - Mandalay
Summer Dress - Red House Painter

Hour 3                                  

Roads - Portishead
Sweetest Day - Control Freq
Planet Caravan - Mexico City Blondes
Beautiful Crazy - Space Raiders
Summer Overture - Clint Mansell
English Summer - Grandpabob
Nyquil - Alpha
Another Day - Air
Summer-Blink - Cocteau Twins
Crosswords - Lambchop
Mirrorball - Everything But The Girl
Secrets - Phaeleh 
In The Summer - Mob Device


  1. Why can’t you post these ahead of time, so we know what song is playing?!?!?!?

  2. Sonic Bliss is a syndicated show, and it goes out to several radio stations in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand and like all syndicated shows it is recorded in segments instead of individual tracks (it would be too much work for the stations otherwise). I am also constrained by rules that prohibit radio stations from posting what they are playing too far in advance (the RIAA still believes people tape songs off the radio)? I can usually go about 10-15 minutes ahead without hassle.