Sunday, December 30, 2018

UTR 18-52 (Picks Of The Year)

Under The Radar Radio #18-52
December 30, 2018


  #5 Courtney Barnett - Tell me How You Really Feel  

 #4 Johnny Marr - Call The Comet  

  #3 Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!  

  #2 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs  

   #1 Snail Mail - Lush    

Courtney Barnett - Charity
Courtney Barnett - City Looks Pretty
Courtney Barnett - Crippling Self-Doubt....
Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless
Courtney Barnett - Need A Little Time

Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro (1990 Pick Of The Year)
Johnny Marr - Bug
Johnny Marr - Day In, Day Out
Johnny Marr - The Tracers
Johnny Marr - My Eternal
Johnny Marr - Spiral Cities

Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind (1992 Pick Of The Year)
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
Parquet Courts - Almost Had To Start A Fight
Parquet Courts - Freebird II
Parquet Courts - Total Football
Parquet Courts - Tenderness

Ben Folds Five - Uncle Walter (1995 Pick of The Year)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Mainland
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Cappuccino City
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - An Air-Conditioned Man
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Bellarine
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Talking Straight

The War On Drugs - Holding On (2017 Pick of The Year)
Snail Mail - Pristine
Snail Mail - Full Control
Snail Mail - Heat Wave
Snail Mail - Golden Dream
Snail Mail - Let's Find An Out

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