Sunday, May 18, 2014

UTR 14-20 (Pixies)

May 18-24
Pick Of The Week
Pixies - Indie Cindy
(plus some great bands that went away and came back)

Pixies - Ring The Bell
Ben Folds Five - Draw A Crowd
Luscious Jackson -  You & Me
Replacements - I'm Not Sayin'
Smithereens - Sorry
Feelies - Nobody Knows
Pixies - Jaime Bravo
Crowded House - Don't Stop Now
Phish - Kill Devil Falls
Big Star - A Whole New Thing
Posies - The Glitter Prize
Breeders - Huffer

Pixies - Bagboy
Afghan Whigs - Matamoros/It Kills
Camper Van Beethoven - It Was Like That When We Got Here
Prefab Sprout - The Best Jewel Thief In The World
Echo & The Bunnymen - Holy Moses
Soundgarden - Halfway There
Jane's Addiction - Curiosity Kills
Superchunk - Rosmarie
*The Stooges - My Idea Of Fun
*Social Distortion - California Hustle & Flow
*B-52's - Funplex
*New Order - Sugarcane
Pixies - Silver Snail
Dead Can Dance - Amnesia
Mazzy Star - Seasons Of Your Day

*only on broadcast

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