Monday, August 5, 2013

UTR 8-4-13 (Mikal Cronin)

Pick Of The Week
Mikal Cronin - MCII

Hour 1
Mikal Cronin - Weight
     Mikal's second solo album is appropriately titled MCII
Eels - Flyswatter
     Mr. E (Mark Everett) has a dog named Bobby who has his own bedroom
Liz Phair - Support System
     Liz's own production company and record company is called Girlysound
Superchunk - FOH
     The Chapel Hill, NC indie band comes back with I Hate Music on August 20
Portugal The Man - Holy Rollers (Hallelujah)
     From Evil Friends (2013)
The The - Dogs Of Lust
     Matt Johnson has been doing movie scores in recent years. 
Mikal Cronin - See It My Way likes the album, but not this track
Sebadoh - Can't Give Up 
    from their 1996 album Harmacy
Deer Tick - The Dream's In The Ditch
     band from Providence, Rhode Island
Eleanor Friedberger - Stare At The Sun
     Half of Firey Furnace
Pernice Brothers - 7:30
     Joe Pernice is working with Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake
Man Man - Head On
     Experimental pop band from Philadelphia
Guster - G Major
     Just released an Acoustic Live album
Mikal Cronin - I'm Done Running From You
     Mikal has been in several bands including Epsilons, The Moonhearts and Okie Dokie

Hour 2
Elvis Costello &  The Roots - Walk Us Uptown
     Collaborative album Wise Up Ghost is coming on September 17
Fujiya & Miyagi - Cat Got Your Tongue
     Band comes from the brand of a record player and Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid
Elastic Bond - Find A Way
     Band out of Miami, from their new album Real
Beck - Beeercan
     Two new albums are in the works, one acoustic, one pop
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Come To My Party
     new album Electric Slave is coming August 27
Mikal Cronin - Am I Wrong
     Michael will often have to hurry home to record and log pieces of new songs that pop into his head
Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High
     Song that plays over the closing credits of 500 Days Of Summer
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
     from their upcoming 5th album AM, coming on September 10
Surfer Blood - I'm Not Ready
     From an EP called Tarot Classics in 2011
Divine Fits - Chained To Love
     Brit Daniel is now working on Spoon's 8th album
Brendan Benson - Diamond
     first single from You Were Right, coming out in November
Cat Power - 3,6,9 
     from Sun (2012)
The Olms - Wanna Feel It
     new project of Pete Yorn
Laura Viers - Sun Song
     from the upcoming album Warp & Weft, coming on August 20
Waxahatchee - Lips & Limbs
     stage name of Katie Crutchfield from Alabama
Mikal Cronin - Peace Of Mind


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