Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sonic Bliss 4-29-12

Hour 1 (9pm)
Castaway - Kate Havnevik
Easy Way Out - Carmen Rzzo with Jem
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance
Afterlife - Jon Hopkins
Ekki Muuk - Sigur Ros
Sweet Lullaby - Angelique Kidjo
Teardrop - Massive Attack
Priceless - Dr. Toast
Just A Girl, She Said - Dubstar
The First Time I Ran Away - M. Ward
Angelica - Lamb
La Belle Etoille - Andrea Lindsay
You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart - Sinead O'Connor

Hour 2 (10pm)
Windmills - Beauty's Confusion
Havana Moon - DePhazz
Mon Amour - Hillton FM
Ocean Jewel - Astrovoid
Don't Leave - Faithless
Imagination - Motorcycle
Dust In Gravity - Delerium
Love That Boy - Innocence Mission
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - Rob Dickinson
Wild Strawberries - Pizzicato Five
I Think Of You - Ivy
Nova - Love Spirals Downward
Save A Prayer - Duran Duran
Eclipse On Fifth - Sounds From The Ground

Hour 3 (11pm)
It Could Be Sweet - Portishead
The Fire You Had - Loner
Walking Wounded - Everything But The Girl
Cherry Blossom Girl - Air
Rise - Doves
Everyday - Carly Commando
The Darkest Night Of All - Lisa Germano
Uncomfortable - Melanie Laurent with Damien Rice
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore - Prince
Wish You Were Here - Bliss
Shaken, Not Stirred - MoodFood
Give Up The Ghost - Radiohead
*Thousand - Tresspassers William

*did not play on the broadcast version of the show......

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