Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sonic Bliss - 3-11-12

The time that is listed is relative to the Podcast only, and not the radio broadcast time.

Hour 1 (9pm radio time)
Between The Bars - Elliott Smith
Venn Diagram - Lisa Hannigan
One Evening - Feist
Sure Thing - St. Germain
Storms In Africa - Enya
Signs Of Love - Moby
All Is Full Of Love - Bjork
Gentle Beauty - Moshang
My Truth - Cocteau Twins
Summersault - Zero 7
Beautiful Girl - William Fitzsimmons
Traveler's Delight - Plastyc Buddha
Twist In My Sobriety - Tanita Tikaram
Cherry Blossom Girl - Air

Hour 2 (10pm radio time)
As The Day Breaks - Carmen Rizzo with Grant Lee-Phillips
Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb with Rickie Lee Jones
I Can't Believe It's Over - Bent
Woodcabin - Saint Etienne
The Arrival - Michael Nyman
I Drive Alone - Esthero
The First Time I Ran Away - M Ward
Bright As Yellow - Innocence Mission
I Melt With You - Nouvelle Vague
Sweetest Day - Control Freq
Whatsoever - Shine
Saturday Come Slow - Massive Attack
Carry - Tori Amos
Anything With You - Hillton FM
Boss On The Boat - Tosca

Hour 3 (11pm radio time)
Cut The Jazz - De-Phazz
Zeba - Beach House
Witness - Sarah McLachlan
Enigma Of The Absolute - Dead Can Dance
Storybook Love - Willy DeVille & Mark Knopfler
Undenied - Portishead
X Tal - Aphex Twin
Let It Go - Fauxliage
Reckless - Devlins
Nothing Owed - Bonobo
Far Away - Trumpet Thing
So Cruel - U2
179:50  *How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore - Prince

*song only on podcast version of Sonic Bliss

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