Sunday, October 2, 2011

Under The Radar 10-2-11 (Lisa Hannigan)

Pick of The Week
Lisa Hannigan - Passenger

Lisa Hannigan - Knots
Grant-Lee Phillips - Squint
Givers - Saw You First
Trashcan Sinatras - Obscurity Knocks
Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire
Girls - Alex
Bright Eyes - Reinvent The Wheel
P.J. Harvey - C'mon Billy
Lisa Hannigan - Home
Vetiver - Right Away
Luna - Renee Is Crying
William Fitzsimmons - Fade And Then Return
Pierces - You'll Be Mine

Lisa Hannigan - Passenger
Mark Eitzel - Sacred Heart
Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends
Josh Pyke - Clovis' Son
Eels - Trouble With Dreams
St. Vincent - Cruel
Decemberists - Rox In The Box
Lisa Hannigan - What'll I Do
Haven - Lately
Pajama Club - These Are Conditions
Wilco - The Whole Love
Bob Mould - See A Little Light
Teenage Fanclub - Mellow Doubt
Lisa Hannigan - Safe Travels (Don't Die)

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